Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where did all these UFOs come from?

I started knitting my christmas presents early this year, end of October, I think. I bought lots of yarn at the same time and picked out all my patterns. The thing is that as I would begin getting bored with something, I would start another project, then something would go wrong and I would rip that one back, put it aside and start something else. Now what I am stuck with is a pile of UFOs (unfinished objects in the knitting slang). Here are some photos to show where I'm at.

It all began with my first sweater back in April. I saw the greatest pattern in Erica Knight's "Classsic Knits". I didn't realize that it would take me so long to knit with a fingering weight mohair. Well, I guess that I knew that it would take me a long time, but I did think that I'd have it by christmas. My major problem is that I don't have a ball winder and the cotton that I've doubled with the mohair came unwound. Not knowing any better, I've been trying to do it myself and it takes so long for me to wind myself up a ball once I've run out. All that's left is for me to knit the two sleeves,sew it all together, finish the collar ribbing and then add some snaps and maybe some ribbons on the edges. It might go to January.

Then came this blanket in June. I just wanted something easy to knit when i go to the movies and the theatre. I thought that I could make baby blankets to give to a charity in South Africa. I guess that I haven't seen too many movies lately.

Next are the Christmas presents. I knit my sister a mitten, but when I was almost done the first, I got a few people to try it on and it seems to be too small, so I ripped back. I've got to start those over. I'm also making some fuzzy feet slippers for Andreas' dad and I just put them down to make a bagstopper for Andreas' sister, possibly instead of knitting another pair of fuzzy feet slippers for her, because I'm kinda getting tired of knitting them.

While I'm on the subject, have I mentioned the Holiday Cal-Kal I joined this year to motivate myself to make all these presents? Check it out at: http://holidaykalcal.blogspot.com/ . Anyway, I'll finish it all very soon! Except, I realized today that I'm knitting for everyone except for my sweet boyfriend! Oh well, I'll make him something nice for his birthday in February. His mom's knitting him socks for Christmas anyway!

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