Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Greater the Weight

Here are some pictures from the last film shoot that I art directed. I worked with a wonderful production company called Mouvement Perpetuel ( that was started by two dancers who now make films about dance. They are really great directors and a blast to work with. It was a really simple idea. It was a very strong contemporary dance piece by Dana Michel.

The directors asked for a simple white roped boxing ring. I had found some great black and white pictures of boxing rings from the 70s, when people still smoked like crazy during the matches. Here are some examples:

The director of photography followed with the aesthetic and got moving lights with strong beams to light the dancer. We got a smoke machine to fill the room and overall it looked pretty good! I was happy with the results since I was really busy working on a set for a play and I had to pay my boyfriend to build it from our tiny appartment. I loved working on this project. Here are some pics of the final result:

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