Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Less knitting, more movie making!

I always think that I'll get so much knitting done on film shoots. I'm thinking that once I've placed the set for the shot, all that's left to do is sit back and watch. No not really, I'm always moving things and hiding tape or glare or spray painting small spots... As well as the fact that once they yell "Action!", everyone needs to be extremely quiet on set. There can't even be a plane passing overhead. So knitting is too noisy.

Here are some photos of the sets that were shot up to now. The pictures were taken by Safe Solvent who's a fabulous photographer/graphic designer/web designer/does everything kinda guy ( )

The first ones are of the female character's bedroom. It's a sunny saturday morning and the young lovers are waking up late and cudling in bed.

Because the film is called "washed in blue", we decided that there would be the colour blue present through out the film. In this scene, I wanted it to be cozy and on the walls. As things begin to worsen between the characters, the lighting turns blue. At the end there's no more blue. It just dissapears from their lives completely.

As some of you might notice from an older post, we cut out trying to make a silhouette on the window and instead we just blasted white light in.

The next scene was shot in "The Village" at a restaurant called The Sandwicherie. The director really wanted flashing neon lights and that's what he got! It looked great, except for the fact that I forgot that the dinner had a chrome surface, so all of our lights really reflected on it. But I found that using silver duct tape hid all the flareing that the DOP complained about.

I'm really enjoying working with this great team. The DOP is doing a wonderful job lighting and making decisions about the camera angles and movement. The actors are really getting the characters...anyway, everyone's on the ball. Next weekend's shoot will be fun. I'll keep you posted with more photos.

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