Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A new set!

I'm presently working on art direction for a film. I've actually had the script for this one for almost a year now, but it didn't look like it would happen. Then, two weeks ago, they decided to shoot half of it at the end of november! At first (as usual) I thought that the set would be pretty straight forward; a bedroom, a kitchen... You know, normal places. But when you start doing research your head starts to spin with ideas! So it's getting pretty elaborate. On top of it, it's really hard to find appartments to film in that have a bedroom or kitchen large enough to fit all the lights, the camera, the crew...the actors. Especially ones that you are allowed to paint. I guess if we had a larger budget anything would be possible, but we don't. Anyway, I'll post some photos up soon of some of the design ideas and the actual sets. I think that this one will be exciting to work on. I always think that, until the last few weeks of the shoot , when I wish that I could throw the script at the director's head and stay home and knit all day. But until then, I do really like my job.

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