Tuesday, November 20, 2007

film shoot this weekend!

I'm a bit on edge about this film that I'm production designing. The art director had to stop working on it because something else had coem up. So now I'm stuck doing a lot of the work on my own. That's alright but I'm really stuck with one element that I really wanted and now i think that I'll need to cut it out of the film.

I need to recreate this in a window in the appartment that we're shooting at. The problem is that there's no balcony under the window and I need to build not only the thing creating the shadow, but an arm to hold it over the balcony. I just have so much stuff to do before the shoot on saturday morning and I'm working on another contract. I was hoping that the art director would build and shop, but he's gone! So i've been crushing all this into my schedule this week and I'm running out of time! I'm thinking about it being made out of cardboard and wood but if it rains or snows on saturday, it's gonna melt. I think that it's gotta get cut out. As usual, the director is fine with that because we'll just add it in post-production...they always say that but green screen does not look good...well barely ever.

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*safe solvent said...

don't worry. if tommy has any sense, he'll ask me to help out. dude, i got the best digital snow going on this side of SOUTH-MONTREAL