Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More christmas gifts are being added to my list!

I went to my grandmother's house for lunch a couple days ago and she asked me if I could knit her some warm socks for the winter. They needed to be thin enough to wear with slippers and have cuffs that begin at the ankle instead of her calf.

I was pretty nervous about the request for a few reasons. The first being that my grandmother is very picky when it comes to gifts. We always end up returning a majority of what has been bought for her at christmas or birthdays. Secondly, I have a lot of christmas knitting that I'm trying to finish off. And third of all, the last pair of socks that I knit took me six months to do. So I wasn't all that confident about making these for christmas. The thing is though, that my grandmother rarely asks for anything other than blue eyeshadow, so when she does you kind of feel like it's something that she really wants. So I ran to the yarn shop yesterday and the woman who works there recomended a worsted weight wool yarn that is very soft, made in Italy (like my grandma), and can be knit up with US size 4 dpns! She sold me a simple pattern and I was off! Last night, I cast on and knit for a couple of hours between my work and sleep. I was surprised that I got as far as I did.

So I phoned her this morning to ask her what size shoe she wears and she told me to forget about the socks. Supposedly she found a pair of slippers that she forgot she had and it would be too warm to wear both around the house. She only wears dresses (she's never owned one pair of pants) and stockings. She never wears socks to go out or anything. So I think that I might just send them over to Andreas' sister in Scotland with the bagstopper for Christmas, because I can't find it in myself to knit her up another pair of fuzzy feet slippers this year.

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