Tuesday, January 15, 2008

hats for elephants!

I've been knitting Andreas a tuque to match the scarf that he got for Christmas. The scarf is already lost actually, but the tuque has just been born off of my needles. He chose the pattern from the "I live on a Farm..." blog. I brought it to Mouliné when I went to buy the wool. The lady there helped me alter the pattern by measuring Andreas' head, she said that it would be too small and so we added stitches. The thing is that it's been so big, some girl at Ariadne's even thought that I was knitting a bag. I've been getting Andreas to try it on just to make sure. It seems to fit. He's being really picky about not wanting the hat to stretch as he wears it.
I just finished it. It looks pretty big, he's not here to try it on. I just wet it to see if it would shrink a little, but I think that it's getting bigger! aaahhhh. I might have to re-knit it. Or felt it a little? Okay don't panic, he'll be home in 2 hours...aaahhh,2 hours!
Alright, I'm just kiding about all that screaming. But I kinda don't feel like knitting it a second time.

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