Saturday, January 19, 2008

The hat fits the jester!

I ended up meeting Andreas downtown after his class because he decided to go watch the hockey game and I needed to know that the hat fit. I even had to act like I was excited to watch hockey with him. It fits, but if it stretches a little, then I could see it annoying him. He's wearing it everyday. I need to make a little label with our phone number in it, because he loses everything. He agreed. He already lost the beautiful cashmere/merino scarf that was intended to match the tuque. Here's a picture of him wearing it.

It was Kheo's first birthday on Monday and the first time that he's ever had any sugar (from the chocolate icing). He went kinda whacky for a few minutes and then took a few of his first steps. He hasn't said "Isa" yet, but I feel that this is coming.

I'm leaving on tuesday to go work in Toronto. I'll be back the week later. I'm feeling pretty guilty for just disappearing during the major parts of Andreas' last semester of university. I haven't had time to make any frozen food or anything really. We're completely reliant on each other to make food on different nights of the week. A few weeks ago, I was working from 8:30 am to 8:30 p.m.. As I would drop off my co-workers, they say things like "I'm too tired to cook. I'll just eat crackers and go to bed." I'd show up at home and awaiting me would be feasts of lamb and lentils or roast chicken and potatoes. Always served with wine. If there's any type of compensation, I'm too busy to prepare food for Andreas because I'm slaving away in the kitchen preparing food for his film shoot in February. That's right. I'm not doing his set design or costume. I asked to do "craft", the catering of the film for 15 hungry crew members and actors. I don't know if I work very well with Andreas professionally. We're better off being "supportive" and feeding each other into comfort. Instead of screaming about the colors of the walls.

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