Saturday, March 8, 2008

I love Peace Fleece!

I really love the look of tweedy yarn. I'm knitting a sweater for my nephew and it took me a while to find the right yarn. Once i did, it was really expensive. It's kind of ridiculous to spend a hundred dollars on a sweater for a one year old when I've never even knit anything for myself. I got it anyway. I'm halfway through knitting it, my camera broke a few weeks ago, so no pics for a bit, sorry.

A few days ago, I was looking at sweaters on Ravelry and I found a great pattern from the Zephyr Style website. The sweater is the 28thirty pattern. The best part was the fact that this lead me to find the Peace Fleece website. I love their tweedy yarn and the colour combinations are amazing. Not only that, but it's cheap! That sweater would cost me 30$ to make, with shipping and everything!!!

I'm starting to have my doubts about wether or not I want to knit the 28thirty sweater, but I will find a reason to knit with that wool soon! Actually, I've been reading Elizabeth Zimmerman's "The Opinionated Knitter" and I really want to try knitting a simple raglan sweater for Andreas using her EPS system. She shows you how to calculate the right number of stitches to knit the sweater using a gauge swatch and the exact measurements of the wearer. If I can understand how to do this, I will no longer be slave to the pattern again!

I am a little scared to knit a sweater for my man because we've all heard of the type of commitment or disaster that could bring on. I guess that it is so hard because guys don't seem to care excessively about what they wear, but on the other hand they have these weird little exceptions about the kinds of collars that they like or don't, or sleeve cuffs, or colours. I can see where it can start to be difficult. I loved the sweater that the Yarn Harlot(Dec.27/08) knit for her husband for Christmas. He really wasn't in to it though. It's just so much work to knit a sweater for a giant, so it better be something that he'll wear forever! Or else... to the dog house he shall go!

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